• Made from all natural diatomite without any chemical additives, the Marbrasse bath mat is safe, fast self-drying and a new way of green life .
  • Pls note: This bath mat is hard and sleek , it's not soft and fluffy.
  • The diatom mud product has a unique "molecular sieve" structure, which has strong physical adsorption and ion exchange function, and can effectively absorb harmful substances such as free formaldehyde, benzene and ammonia in the air and odors caused by pets, smoking and garbage. , purify indoor air.
  • Wash with running water or wipe with a wet cloth, then air dry, our Diatomaceous Earth bath mat will quickly refresh itself with excellent absorbent performance.

Mountain Peak Diatomite Bath Mat

  • Materials:Diatomaceous Earth & plant fibre

    Product Dimensions: 23"x 15" 

    Package Dimensions: 26" x 17"

    Item Weight:74 ounces